Instead of sleep-away camp, teen tours or other recreational plans, I devoted my summer to building Em John.

Each week I design charms, source cool colors of lucite, talk to my manufacturer, jump-ring bracelets, connect with influential bloggers, pitch wholesale accounts, do trunk shows, engage on social media, pack online orders and of course stand in line at the post office to ship dozens of hot pink padded envelopes.  

This is what it takes to launch a successful business--and my efforts have paid off. 

Em John is featured in the September issues of SEVENTEEN and Redbook magazines. 

Hot bloggers snap photos wearing my stacks.  New orders from stores and individuals come in daily.  I've been feeling pretty proud of myself.

Then--with less than a month before the start of my senior year of high school--I got the request:  O Magazine launched a new program called Circle of Friends and the editors asked me to design an exclusive bracelet for members. 

Instantly I got to work on a few concepts based on the colors and style of the program's logo.  The editors selected their favorite...and my team and I produced them in record time.

Shout outs to All Good NYC for designing the insert card and to my friends at Vistaprint for printing them so beautifully.Oprah and Em John!  A big-time dream come true for this 17 year old New York City girl.

I believe every wrist carries a wish, so I hope you love your exclusive Em John and you wear it to celebrate your Circle of Friends membership. 

Snap fun photos with your bracelet and share them with us.  Tag @EmJohnJewelry and @OMagCircle on Instagram and Twitter. 




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